It was signed the financing contract for the contract “The Movement Infrastructure’s Rehabilitation of Craiova Airport

On the 14th of february 2014, the Ministry of Transport , as Management Authority for the Sectoral Operational Program- Transport 2007-2013, legally represented by Ms. Ramona-Nicole MANESCU , having the position of Minister and RA Craiova as Beneficiary, legally represented by Mr Mircea DUMITRU as General Manager, signed at the headquarters of the Ministry, the financing contract for the project “The Rehabilitation of the movement infrastructure of Craiova Airport” . At the signing of the contract participated Mr Ion Prioteasa –The President of Dolj County Council , Mr Cristinel Iovan – Dolj County Council Vice-President and Mr Nicu Buica –Undersecretary at the Ministry of Transport.

This project was approved within the Transport Sectoral Operational Program 2007-2013, Priority Axis 2, “The modernization and development of the transport national infrastructure with the aim of developing a transport sustainable national system, Key Area of Intervention 2.4 –The Modernization and development of the air transport infrastructure”.

By means of this contract, the airport will benefit from European funds for the developing and modernization of the airport infrastructure, namely:


-The runway’s rehabilitation of 2500 m: by repairing the damaged dales and the afferent joints, the milling of the concrete surface for the adherence’s increase with the asphalt layer and laying the asphalt layer poured cold and its compaction

-Works on the taxiway: the existing taxiway will be repaired by replacing the damaged tiles and the bearing area of the runway will be extended up to 25 m, so as to assure the traffic of the aircrafts’ code C

-The building of the new boarding disembarking apron : the existing platform will be repaired by replacing the damaged tiles and the operating capacity will be extended from two to eight places.

  • The execution of the drainage system ;
  • The execution of the electrical installation and the lighting system category II
  • The building of a transformation station for the lighting system .

The completion time for the project “The Rehabilitation of the Movement Infrastructure of Craiova Airport” is of 4 months for projection and eight months for execution from the assignment of the execution contract. Craiova Airport’s modernization will have as an impact the increase of the passengers’ number from this airport, a factor that will contribute to the local development. The total value of the project is 107.918.134 RON.

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