Mariana Dragescu –the last female legend of the Romanian Aviation

Mariana Drăgescu (Marie-Ane-Aurelia Drăgescu) is the last female legend of the Romanian aviation, that fought on both lines and managed to save the life of over 15.000 soldiers. Since she was 4 years old, Mariana was interested in sports. She was passionated about cycling, riding, skating, some different passions unlike those of the young women from that time.

Still, Mariana was alike her mother who had an adventurous spirit, liked freedom and always overflowed with energy.

The moment The First World War broke out, Mariana had just come with her parents in Bucharest. The german planes were bombarding the town and Mariana was extremely happy and wanted to go out, to see them better. She didn’t fear. She represented a symbol of courage, dedication, a true life model, being a courageous person by nature that fought hard with the prejudices of a society that marginalized the woman, seeing her only in the position of housewife.

Mariana finished the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports and The Riding School of the Fourth Regiment Rosiori. In 1935, she secretly enrolled at the Pilotage School from Baneasa, starting to fly in double command and was trained by the famous aviation captain Constantin Abelas. In 1937, Mariana Drăgescu was assigned at the Royal Aero Club and in june 1940, at the Ministry of Air and Navy Transport as pilot.

In 1941, she left on the frontline, taking part in the Sanitary Squadron surnamed The White Squadron – the only unit of sanitary planes in the world that is piloted by women. Mariana Drăgescu took part in the War on both lines, where she piloted until the last day of the war.

For three years, until 1957, she worked as a flight instructor at the Aviation School Ghimbav from Brasov, then she hired as a clerk at a medical clinic, where she worked as a typist for 10 years. When she turned 100 years old – in September 2012-the pilot Mariana Drăgescu, the longest living member of the White Squadron and the only Romanian pilot woman on the Western Front, was decorated with the Emblem The Honor of the Romanian Army, receiving the rank of commander. At Mariana Drăgescu’s increase in degree ceremony took part the Chief of the General Major State, the Chief of the Major State of the Air Forces and the President of the National Association of the War Veterans.

“a life that began in 1912 in the service of an idea: the flight, that she served passionately on her way to the stars” (General Dobran)

Las Vegas Airport – Gateway to “The adults’ Disneyland”

McCarran International Airport , also called Las Vegas Airport, represents the main gateway toward the resort town Las Vegas –“The Town of Lights” or “The adults’ Disneyland” that represents a combination of luxury, grandeur, lights and colors.

McCarran Airport is the main commercial airport that serves Las Vegas and the whole region of Clark, Nevada county, being the biggest operating base both for the low cost carrier Allegiant Air and the south west region. The airport is located at a distance of 8 km south from the business center from Las Vegas, having 4 runways and a surface of 1,100 hectares, serving as main hub for Great Lakes airline.

The airport holds 110 gates at two separate buildings of the terminals, each with its own garages, the ticketing/check-in area having many stores, restaurants and fast foods.

The airport holds a maximum capacity of 53 million passengers and 625.000 aircraft movements, having a free transfer bus service, which performs between terminals at each 12-15 minutes.

Las Vegas airport, the 7th most crowded airport in North America, was the first airport in US that used the radio frequency for the control of the passengers’ luggage, this way reducing the chances of losing the luggage.

In 2012, McCarran/Las Vegas airport was ranked the 24th busiest airport by passenger traffic with 40.799.830 passengers, and occupied 8th place for the aircrafts’ movements with 527.739 takeoffs and landings.

The airport shelters Howard W.Cannon Aviation Museum that describes the aviation history of the town, being permanently open and having free access.

The airport has a Renting Cars Service where one can rent the following types of cars: BMW 3, BMW 5, BMW X3, Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Suburban, Chrysler 300s, Ford E350, Ford Flex, Ford Mustang, Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent, Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes-Benz ML, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Sienna, VW Beetle, VW Jetta, VW Passat, Volvo XC90

The airport offers a free access to W-fi , being one of the biggest Wi-fi services in the country, the network servicing 41 million passengers who use the airport annually.

Furthermore, the main attraction of the airport is represented by the 1000 automatic cars in the airport’s terminals that enchant the passengers extremely much, being known that this makes the town’s emblem.

For those who want to see the surroundings of Las Vegas closely, McCarran International Airport offers you the quickest way to live these moments of excitement and maximum delight in one unique place in the world – “the town of towns”.




How to Become an Air Hostess

image001Although one knows that in order to preserve the crew’s uniqueness and the services offered, each company looks for certain patterns at the persons employed, the role of an air hostess  should be basically the same, regardless of the company for which you fly.

First of all, she must show passion for her job, have spirit of sacrifice and play the role of saver, when faced with extreme situations.

An air hostess  must show professionalism, team spirit and a good communication with the rest of the crew. She should always be kind to the passengers, who can approach her for various issues. She has to be patient, understand their sometimes exagerated fears, panic attacks or anxieties which can many times transform the passengers in some irrascible, uncooperative, maybe even repulsive persons before the others’ attempts to help. For this reason, it is particularly important to have experience in customer service, an experience that can help you overcome such situations during the flight.

Taking into account that the air hostess will be the ambassador of the company for which she works, the stewardess has to look impeccable, to be rested and clean.

Another mandatory requirement that must be respected is punctuality, a stewardess risking to lose her job if she comes late to a flight, thus proving superficiality and frivolity.

She must have strength of character and calm hot spirits that can disturb the quiet atmosphere during the flight ensuring the passengers that they will arrive safely at destination. .

The minimum age of employment as air hostess differs from a company to another, this generally being between 18 and 21 years and the maximum one being generally of 40 years.


The persons who want to get this job must have an Artium Baccalaurens and bring proof of medical skills (JAR-FCL 3 medical certificate, class 2- neurological, ophthalmologic, gynecological, cardiological control, must pass the balance and resistance control in special conditions, that can be made with the revolving chair and pressure chamber).

The exam itself consists of the writen and oral English language test, and a test in geography of Romania and Europe, the minimum admission mark being 7 at all tasks.

Besides the quite high costs that this job involves , namely the completion of a theoretic course worth about 2000 euros that comprises 231 hours (including the final examination)and is performed in about 8 weeks there, there must always be paid the hours made with the flight simulator, approximately 500 hours, the flight hours amounting to 1000 euro and in addition the licensing exam around 100 euros.

As regards the physical demands, the lower limit varies from a company to another but generally starts from 1.58 metres to 2.12 meters on tiptoe with the hand raised.

Thus, if in the case of Wizz Air company, the minimum height for women applying for such a job is 1,65 metres in the case of the Swiss it may fall to 1.58 metres.

Lufthansa’s representatives claim that their flight attendants must have a height between 1,58 metres and 1,75 metres, and the KLM Dutch want their maximum height to be of 1,85 metres requiring that before the interview women should not be allowed to wear high heels to achieve this standard.

The first 6 months of employment are probationary for the air hostess.

Among the conditions required to get this job, the future stewardess must be able to swim 50 metres fully clothed and don’t have any panic attacks,

not even in extreme cases.

In addition, it is also worth mentioning that most of the airlines from Romania and also abroad are quite strict with the future personnel, forbidding them to have any tattoos or piercings or not expose them during the work hours.

Although, generally, the airlines are quite strict with the personnel they choose, there are also some airlines that recruit persons without a license only on the basis of fulfilling certain conditions, ensuring their students the theoretical and practical training for free.

Besides the good parts that this job implies, namely, the fact that it isn’t a monotonous job and you can visit inaccesible places, this job also supposes some disadvantages and sacrifices that you have to bear, in case you choose this path.

Such a job supposes that the hired person spends most of his/her time far away from home and the loved ones, this thing implying a quite big nervous consumption and basically giving up your personal life.

In addition, the pysical and mental health is threatened by the applicant’s work hours and the frequent changes of time zone.

This job also requires a good grasp of emotions and inner feelings. No matter if one confronts an unpleasant or traumatic situation that can effect the close ones the stewardess must prove a powerful self control, patience and interest in all the issues raised by passengers leaving worries and personal problems on the last place.

Among the pieces of advice given by the air hostess for the ones who want to follow this profession we mention:

“To the ones who really want to spend their times among the clouds , I advise them to have patience and persevernce. It would be advisable for them to see beyond the cool image of the flight attendants and realize that it is a stressful, risky and tiring job. It is a job that forces you to stay away from the loved ones for a long time and requires you to sacrifice your holidays. And eventually I would also suggest them to carefully analyze their lifestyle. In order to resist and succeed in this carreer it is good to be a little narcissist sociable, well informed , communicative and empathic”(Otila Zamfir –Oman Air)

Questions we all have before the air travel

We all confront with some questions the moment we prepare for the air travel : do I need to take my pager, my favorite perfume, the MP3 Player, wherewith I can enjoy during the travel, is it necessary to have a pain killer or to wear the safety belt all through the flight?

We all have different concerns regarding the conditions we must respect during the flight and look for some answers that we either find very hard, or sometimes not at all.

For this reason, we decided to answer you bellow at some of these questions and we start by presenting a list with the things that are allowed and the things which aren’t allowed in the passengers’ luggage.

First of all, during the flight, (except the ladies’ and young ladies’ purse or the bag for the laptop) passengers are allowed to have only one free hand luggage with the dimensions: 42 cm height, 32 cm width and 25 cm thickness and it is necessary that this has enough space under the seat before you; in case the hand luggage is bigger than a small luggage but doesn’t exceed the mentioned dimensions, it can be held at the board of the aircraft for a fee, being necessary to have enough space in the upper compartment; the hand luggage must have the dimensions: 56 cm height, 45 cm width, 25 cm thickness, at the hold luggage not being any restrictions related to size and this is allowed to exceed the dimensions: 56cm x 45cm x 25cm but it is necessary to have a maximum weight of 32 kilos .

The only free hand luggage at Wizz Air is the schoolbag or the laptop bag that must have space under the front sear, having the maximum dimensions of 42x32x25cm.

Besides the hand luggage one can take in the plane a coat or a blanket, a magazine, crutches for the persons that need help and cannot move by themselves and in case there is a little child on board, one can bring food for him, a folding chair or a little cradle.

As concerns the objects that are allowed to be transported during the flight (for the passengers that travel with Wizz Air Company) one can mention: money, jewelry, precious metals, laptop, personal electronic objects, important documents, acts, passports, or other identity cards, photo camera – (only if it is placed in the rucksack or trolley), a hair plate, hair dryer, MP3 Player, Kindle, electric brush, foundation cream, (if it is fluid , only if it has maximum 100 ml, in case it is compact(powder) there is no restriction), recipients of maximum 100 ml, that must be kept in a closed and transparent bag (sealed) that is taken out of the luggage at the security control. It must be taken into consideration that all the containers (maximum 10) must have together at most 1 liter: perfume, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, balm,/ hair mask, sunscreen cream, nail polish, acetone, a sandwich, croissant, biscuits, fruit, razor (without removable blade), nail file (if it is made of cartoon -disposable – or of plastic and without sharp bottoms) umbrella – only if it can be accumulated, cigarettes (at most a cartridge) a handbag, a shoulder bag, purse – must be held in the rucksack /trolley, cigarette lighter/ match, medicines – they must be attended by recipe, objects (bowl, pan, souvenirs) cane/crooks – in the plane, but they must be held separately from the luggage in case the passengers can’t get about without aid.

Passengers are forbidden to transport the following items when travelling by plane:

firearms, ammunition and explosives, hunting guns, guns destined for practicing some sports, any objects or substances that have the aspect of firearms, ammunition, explosives, flammable substances, radioactive substances, condensed gas, infectious, poisonous or corrosive substances, briefcases and cassettes for the transport of objects with incorporated alarm devices with lithium batteries or pyrotechnics, objects that may endanger the passengers’ lives, any forbidden material according to the rules and regulations of any affected country by this transport, the remains of human body, any objects specified in the technical instructions for the safe transport of the dangerous goods by air, issued by the Organization of the International Civil Aviation (ICAO) and by the regulations as concerns the dangerous goods issued by the International Association of Air Transport (IATA).

Wizz Air doesn’t transport pets. ( Registered dogs that accompany blind or deaf persons can be transported only on the European continental routes, these cannot be transported on the routes to or from Great Britain).

Wizz Air offers assistance to blind, deaf or mentally disabled persons. Pregnant women are allowed to travel until and including the 34 week of pregnancy. After this interval, they are not allowed to travel by plane anymore. As concerns the children’s air travel, these are allowed to travel only in case they are accompanied by an adult or if they have the minimum age of 14 years.

During the air travel , the passengers are required to follow some rules that are related to the safe operation of the aircraft :

Passengers must remain silent during the flight, both not to disturb the work of the crew members and respect their travel colleagues who may find it necessary to have a relaxing atmosphere throughout the flight.

It is necessary that the passengers keep their luggage in the compartment above (heatrick) .These compartments should always remain closed in order to prevent accidents caused by the fall of the luggage during a turbulence or a forced landing.

The flight attendants as well as the passengers must pay a maximum attention to the nicotine addicts who could secretly smoke in the toilet. Although on board of the aircraft can be found approximately 10 extinguishers, by throwing incompletely extinguished cigarette butts one can cause a fire on board, that would endanger the flight safety.

During the flight may occur or get worse some health problems of the passengers, which can be due to a series of causes: induced atmospheric pressure, low temperature, recycled air conditioning. For this reason, passengers are advised either to permanently keep with them the necessary medicines or (there are medicines on board but they may not be suitable for all the passengers’ diseases) to postpone the flight in case the poor health condition hinders them to face such journey.

As concerns the bad condition caused by an out of control fear, (aerophoby) it is indicated that the people affected by this impending bad condition have enough rest before boarding and eat something light in order to avoid the fatigue, nausea, headaches or dizziness symptoms.

Among the diseases that you can be confronted with during the flight, we can mention: thrombosis – (swelling of the feet caused by poor circulation of the blood) – that can occur during the flight for not moving for a long time, epileptic attacks, asthma attacks, faintings or even allergies caused by the snacks served during the flight. Despite the fact that at the big companies there is always an epifen with adrenaline in the emergency kit that is given to passengers in case of severe allergic reactions, sometimes one can reach very strong reactions to certain types of food, so that it is indicated to know in advance if you suffer any kind of allergies and must refrain from some types of food. In case of air gaps, passengers are usually prevented that they are about to encounter such situations, however, in certain exceptional causes, the staff doesn’t have time to inform them, being thus preferred that one always wears its seatbelt so as to avoid being hurt following such incidents.
In order to prevent airsickness, especially if there have been antecedents before, there isn’t advisable to drink coffee or alcohol before the travel so that one can diminish the chances of getting sick. Instead, it is good to consume water both before and after you are on board.

If one is confronted with a major anxiety, it is advisable to take a anxiolitic a few minutes before departure because the medicine causes drowsiness and may temporarily soothe the suffering people. At the same time, it is advisable to take a Emetostop/ Emetiral, for the ones who need to prevent nausea.

In case one confronts with plugged ears, it is advisable to chew gum, drink water, or take a decongestant, that releases the respiratory ways.
An appropriate clothing can help increase your own comfort so that in such a journey one should choose an outfit and a pair of shoes as comfortable as possible.

One of the most important rules that you have to follow in order to feel relaxed during the flight is to enjoy a good book or music, have a positive attitude and try releasing from the negative thoughts and prejudices about the likelihood of dying in a plane crash.

Although the statistics show that the chances of losing your life during a flight are 1 in 8 million, it is advisable that the passengers are well trained as regards the safety conditions that must be respected during the flight and that they take themselves some minimum precautionary measures to prevent the occurrence of some incidents during the air travel.

World’s Most Dangerous Airports

Among the most dangerous airports in the world, located in areas where even the most experienced pilots can perform with difficulty the takeoffs and landings maneuvers, we mention:
Gibraltar Airport
Gibraltar Airport is not only one of the most dangerous but also one of the busiest airports in the world. The main taxiway of this airport intersects with the town’s thoroughfare in the town, Winston Churchill Avenue, the cars’ access on the avenue being stopped, each time a plane takes off or lands.


Madeira Airport, Portugal
Madeira International Airport from Funchal, also known as Santa Catarina Airport is an international airport from Portugal, placed between a mountain chain and the Atlantic Ocean. After an accident that happened in 1977, one of the runways was extended with 200 meters. In addition, the runway that is built above the ocean , is supported by 180 columns reaching almost 70 meters high, so that the landing is as sure as possible.

Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Lukla, Nepal, considered the gate to Himalaya, is one of the busiest airports from Lukla, Nepal, being also the only airport that serves the hundreds of climbers coming to conquer Everest. The airport, located at an altitude of approximately 2900 meters, was built in the mountains by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1965, 12 years after he became the first man who conquered Everest.

Even in the days when the weather conditions are favorable, the airport is operational for just a couple of hours, before it gets covered by fog and strong winds.

Lukla Aiport was voted as the most dangerous airport from the world by History Channel because of the numerous accidents that frequently occur here.


Toncontin International Airport is in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras
and was opened in 1934.

The short and narrow runway of the airport has little over 2.100 meters and is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, reason why the passengers get really worried, until they reach the destination.



Barra Airport, Scotland
Barra is the only airport from the world where the landings and take offs are made on the same sand where the people walk or sunbathe, here being built 3 runways , all on sand. The persons’ access is allowed on ‘the beach runway’ only in the interval between the flights to and from Glasgow.

Although it is the only airport in the world, whose schedule of flights is changed because of the water flow, the tourists choose to use this airport especially because of the curiosity to experience the landing on sand.
Ice Runway Airport, Antarctica

Ice Runway Airport is the name of the airport/runway that serves the McMurdo station in Antarctica. The runway is used so as to transport the researchers and their supplies at the McMurdo station, the ice runway’s dangers increasing at the same time with the worsening of the weather conditions.


Gustaf  III Public Airport or Saint Barthelemy, located in the Saint Jean village in the Caribbean island of Saint Barthlemy offers the pilots and passengers great thrills considering that the runway is very narrow and the planes are forced to descend very close to the streets and houses from the adjacent mountain area.

Aeroportul Qamdo Bamda, Tibet
Qamdo Bamda, also known as Changdu Bangda, is placed at 4.334 metres towards the sea level, being one of the highest airports in the world. At the same time, the airport has one of the longest runways in the world: 5.500 metres, the landing and take off being a real challenge for the pilots that come or leave this airport.


Juancho Yrausquin Airport , the only airport from the Caribbean island belonging to the Netherlands Antilles with the shortest runway in the world ( 400 metres length) is placed on a rocky outcrop at the foot of the mountains.


Daocheng Yading Airport, from Daocheng county, is located at the highest altitude in the world, in Garzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, at 4.411 metres above sea level.

For the moment, the flights from the new airport take place only between Chengdu and Daocheng, following that in the near future will open new routes to bigger towns from China, including Shanghai metropolis.


Larnaca International Airport (LCA)is the biggest airport from Cipru, being located at a 5 km distance from Larnaca. The Airport presently serves approximately 30 international and charter airlines. From the airport to the city center there are about 15 minutes by taxi or by bus with the city airport line.


Toncontin Airport, Honduras is known worldwide as one of the most dangerous airports, because of the extremely dangerous landing. The pilots’ maneuvers are hampered due to the runway’s positioning in a less accessible area, the airport being surrounded by a mountainous relief, always traversed by strong gusts of wind.

The biggest aircrafts that landed on this runway are : DC-8 airliner and si C – 17 Globemaster III.


Being initially considered the most dangerous place in the world, Kai Tak Airport from Hong Kong was closed 15 years ago. The landing at Kai Tak Aiport required a special training, the pilots having to perform a very dangerous manual bank known as “Hong Kong Bank”. The particularly abrupt descent over the high blocks was a real challenge for the pilots who performed landings and take offs in this area.

Kai Tak was the main airport of Hong Kong until 1998, when suffered 12 air disasters, about 270 of passengers having lost their lives during that time.


Congonhas or Sao Paulo Airport is an airport that serves one of the biggest towns from Brazil.

The airport is placed at only 8 kilometers from the city center, a thing that makes the landing or take off a real challenge for the traffic controllers and pilots, who must perform with a high precision the landing/take off maneuvers.


Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport located on Saba Island from Caraibe, is known as having one of the shortest runways in the world, with a length of only 500 m. For this reason, not only the small aircrafts avoid this airport, but also aircrafts like Cessna, because of the difficulty to perform the landing/take off maneuvers, especially when the weather conditions are unfavorable.


Chubu Centrair  International Airport is an airport located on an artificial island , in Isle Golf from Japan, the airport being vulnerable in front of the earthquakes or tornados that take place here frequently.


Princess Juliana International Aiport is an airport located on Saint Martin Island. The airport, famous for its very short runway, of only 2180 metres, is destined for small and medium sized aircrafts, being the second largest airport from Caribbean. The airport, that was initially a military aerodrome, and then changed into a civil one, makes part of the airports with the most dangerous runways in the world, the planes that land and take off from this place passing over at a very small distance from the beaches with tourists.


Aeroportul Courchevel, France is located in a ski area in The French Alps, at the border with Italy. The airport is famous for its very short runway, with a length of only 545 metres and an inclined ascent of 18,5%, reason why many consider it one of the airports with the highest degree of danger in the world.

Only the private jets, helicopters and charters are allowed to stop on Courchevel, the pilots being required to have a serious training before receiving the approval to land here.





The most beautiful proposals that took place inside an airport

A special event took place on the 6th of September 2009 when a young man of Asian origins surprised his girlfriend at the airport with an impressive proposal.

He was helped by his friends to make a special setting using graphic designs that depicted memories of the couple’s life. Then, the future groom offered her a huge flowers bouquet and asked the big question, receiving the expected response.

In 2011, another special event took place on Toronto Airport, when David proposed his girlfriend, Alison, with whom he had a relationship of 4 years. Because they lived separately, in different towns, they made their best of their time together.

One of the most beautiful moments of the couple’s life took place on the 4th of September when Alison came in Ontario with the intention of only visiting David and his family, but instead, had the surprise of her life.

David welcomed Alison with a short interpretation of a song by Katy Perry and then asked her to marry him, in front of their family and friends, who had been called to take part in the event. The whole event was filmed by David, who wanted to be sure this way that the best moment of their lives will remain immortalized for eternity.

In March 2013, took place another proposal both unusual and beautiful, taking into account that it was made by the woman, called Brittany, for her future husband, Austin Spitler. He had the honor that few men have, to receive a beautiful love proposal before hundreds of people who were in the airport that moment.

The two young people hadn’t seen each other for 2 years, Austin’s girlfriend deciding to make him a surprise of big proportions on the airport of Oklahoma. She organized him a dance whereupon attended both their relatives and friends, the representation ending with a beautiful proposal coming from Brittany.

Another special proposal, that was also made inside an airport took place on 31 August 2013 when Sergent Eric Parker came home after a 11 month period, a time he had spent apart from his girlfriend. Although the distance was unbearable, Eric had this way time to prepare a real scenario for what was to be the best time of their lives. He was also helped by his colleagues to create the setting, each of them holding a word to build the love phrase: ”Will””You” “Marry “Me” ?

The surprise had the desired result, the beautiful couple scheduling the wedding in the spring of the next year.

One of the most beautiful and recent wedding proposals that took place inside an Romanian airport was surprised in January, on Chisinau Airport.

The proposal was made by Ruslan, who asked his friend Larisa to marry him , the two having known each other for ten years, although started dating the previous year.

Larisa was just returning in Moldova from Italy and didn’t have a clue about the surprise that was being prepared by his friend.

Ruslan had decided to make the big step so that he bought his friend a huge flowers bouquet, made a heart on which he wrote: “I’m waiting for my friend” with whom he welcomed Larisa and prepared a bottle of champagne, which he opened the moment he received the long expected answer.

The Youngest Aspirant Pilot in Romania

pilotMarina Cozma is not only a simple young woman from Macin, an eminent child who was admitted with ten at Mircea cel Batran College from Constanta, but also a young woman who discovered from an early age a unique passion, namely the love for flight, for pilotage.

Marina tells that at 11 years old she started watching the show “Air Crash Investigations “ on National Geografic, a time when she discovered her real vocation and after a short time she received her first special gift, a flight with an aicraft type Cessna 172, a thing which insufflated her the desire of becoming a pilot. Marina admitted that she had received unconditional support from her parents in her choice, so that she enrolled in the Flight School from Cezna (entering at the same time Mircea cel Batran National College with ten) thus becoming at only 15 years old, the youngest aspiring pilot in Romania.

Marina is now preparing to get the private pilot’s license (n.r. PPL – Private Pilot Licence) and intends to attend the ATPL course (n.r. Airline Transport Pilot Licence).

For the passionate young people who want to follow the same path of pilotage, Marina advises them to have knowledge of mathematics, physics, engineering, legislation, air navigation, biology, be persistent and disciplined and above all , passionate in the true sense of the word, as “passion gives you wings to fly”, especially in such a profession.

The Biggest Aircraft in the World

Antonov 225 or An-225 Mriya is considered the biggest aircraft in the world that is in active service, being the biggest and heaviest aircraft that has ever been built (bigger than Airbus 380 and heavier than Hughes H-4 “Spruce Goose)

The aircraft was designed in a record time of 3 years and a half, in order to transport the Russian shuttle Buran, the name Myria meaning in Ukrainian“Dream”(Inspiration)

The aircraft that was launched on 21 December 1988, designed and built by Antonov ASTC in Ukraine, was repainted in 2009 in the colors of the Ukranian flag (blue-yellow).

Being an oversized strategic military aircraft Antonov An-225 Mriya was created with the aim of being used in the Soviet space program, as a replacement for Myasishchev VM-T ‘Atlant’.

The aircraft weighs 285 tons, being able to fly with a total weight of 640 tons, the loading capacity being up to 300 tons. For maximum permissible weight it is necessary to have a 3500 meter long runway for the take off.

The maximum speed of Antonov An-225 is 850 km/h and the cruising speed is 800 km/h.

From the performed flights we mention the transport of four military tanks in 2001, weighing together almost 254 tons which Antonov aircraft lift up to 10.750 m height , the transport of 216.000 portions of food for the military personnel from Oman , a performed flight from Frankfurt, Germany in 2002, the transport of a an electric generator weighing 189 tons for a station from Armenia in 2009, the transport of some wind turbines from China in Danemarca in 2010 and the transport of some railway locomotives in 2007. The last humanitarian mission in which AN-225 took part, was in March 2011, when it transported generators in Japan with an aggregate weight of 140 tons.

The building in military purpose of the second exemplarily started in 1980 but because of lack of funds , it was stopped in 1994.

Because of its outstanding performances, in November 2004, FAI registered AN-225 in Guinness Book of Records for its 240 records.

Technical Data – the Biggest Aircraft in the World

Length 84,00 m
Wingspan 88.40 m
Height 18,10 m
Wings’ surface 905 mp
Weight(empty) 285 t
Fuel capacity 300 t
Total maximum weight 640 t
Cargo volum 1300 mc
Cargo length 43,35 m
Cargo width 6,40 m
Cargo height 4,40
Maximum speed 850 km/h
Autopilot speed 800 km/h


Maximum fuel autonomy 15.400 km
Maximum load autonomy 4.000 km
Maximum altitude 11.000 m