The Biggest Aircraft in the World

Antonov 225 or An-225 Mriya is considered the biggest aircraft in the world that is in active service, being the biggest and heaviest aircraft that has ever been built (bigger than Airbus 380 and heavier than Hughes H-4 “Spruce Goose)

The aircraft was designed in a record time of 3 years and a half, in order to transport the Russian shuttle Buran, the name Myria meaning in Ukrainian“Dream”(Inspiration)

The aircraft that was launched on 21 December 1988, designed and built by Antonov ASTC in Ukraine, was repainted in 2009 in the colors of the Ukranian flag (blue-yellow).

Being an oversized strategic military aircraft Antonov An-225 Mriya was created with the aim of being used in the Soviet space program, as a replacement for Myasishchev VM-T ‘Atlant’.

The aircraft weighs 285 tons, being able to fly with a total weight of 640 tons, the loading capacity being up to 300 tons. For maximum permissible weight it is necessary to have a 3500 meter long runway for the take off.

The maximum speed of Antonov An-225 is 850 km/h and the cruising speed is 800 km/h.

From the performed flights we mention the transport of four military tanks in 2001, weighing together almost 254 tons which Antonov aircraft lift up to 10.750 m height , the transport of 216.000 portions of food for the military personnel from Oman , a performed flight from Frankfurt, Germany in 2002, the transport of a an electric generator weighing 189 tons for a station from Armenia in 2009, the transport of some wind turbines from China in Danemarca in 2010 and the transport of some railway locomotives in 2007. The last humanitarian mission in which AN-225 took part, was in March 2011, when it transported generators in Japan with an aggregate weight of 140 tons.

The building in military purpose of the second exemplarily started in 1980 but because of lack of funds , it was stopped in 1994.

Because of its outstanding performances, in November 2004, FAI registered AN-225 in Guinness Book of Records for its 240 records.

Technical Data – the Biggest Aircraft in the World

Length 84,00 m
Wingspan 88.40 m
Height 18,10 m
Wings’ surface 905 mp
Weight(empty) 285 t
Fuel capacity 300 t
Total maximum weight 640 t
Cargo volum 1300 mc
Cargo length 43,35 m
Cargo width 6,40 m
Cargo height 4,40
Maximum speed 850 km/h
Autopilot speed 800 km/h


Maximum fuel autonomy 15.400 km
Maximum load autonomy 4.000 km
Maximum altitude 11.000 m