The Youngest Aspirant Pilot in Romania

pilotMarina Cozma is not only a simple young woman from Macin, an eminent child who was admitted with ten at Mircea cel Batran College from Constanta, but also a young woman who discovered from an early age a unique passion, namely the love for flight, for pilotage.

Marina tells that at 11 years old she started watching the show “Air Crash Investigations “ on National Geografic, a time when she discovered her real vocation and after a short time she received her first special gift, a flight with an aicraft type Cessna 172, a thing which insufflated her the desire of becoming a pilot. Marina admitted that she had received unconditional support from her parents in her choice, so that she enrolled in the Flight School from Cezna (entering at the same time Mircea cel Batran National College with ten) thus becoming at only 15 years old, the youngest aspiring pilot in Romania.

Marina is now preparing to get the private pilot’s license (n.r. PPL – Private Pilot Licence) and intends to attend the ATPL course (n.r. Airline Transport Pilot Licence).

For the passionate young people who want to follow the same path of pilotage, Marina advises them to have knowledge of mathematics, physics, engineering, legislation, air navigation, biology, be persistent and disciplined and above all , passionate in the true sense of the word, as “passion gives you wings to fly”, especially in such a profession.