World’s Most Dangerous Airports

Among the most dangerous airports in the world, located in areas where even the most experienced pilots can perform with difficulty the takeoffs and landings maneuvers, we mention:
Gibraltar Airport
Gibraltar Airport is not only one of the most dangerous but also one of the busiest airports in the world. The main taxiway of this airport intersects with the town’s thoroughfare in the town, Winston Churchill Avenue, the cars’ access on the avenue being stopped, each time a plane takes off or lands.


Madeira Airport, Portugal
Madeira International Airport from Funchal, also known as Santa Catarina Airport is an international airport from Portugal, placed between a mountain chain and the Atlantic Ocean. After an accident that happened in 1977, one of the runways was extended with 200 meters. In addition, the runway that is built above the ocean , is supported by 180 columns reaching almost 70 meters high, so that the landing is as sure as possible.

Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Lukla, Nepal, considered the gate to Himalaya, is one of the busiest airports from Lukla, Nepal, being also the only airport that serves the hundreds of climbers coming to conquer Everest. The airport, located at an altitude of approximately 2900 meters, was built in the mountains by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1965, 12 years after he became the first man who conquered Everest.

Even in the days when the weather conditions are favorable, the airport is operational for just a couple of hours, before it gets covered by fog and strong winds.

Lukla Aiport was voted as the most dangerous airport from the world by History Channel because of the numerous accidents that frequently occur here.


Toncontin International Airport is in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras
and was opened in 1934.

The short and narrow runway of the airport has little over 2.100 meters and is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, reason why the passengers get really worried, until they reach the destination.



Barra Airport, Scotland
Barra is the only airport from the world where the landings and take offs are made on the same sand where the people walk or sunbathe, here being built 3 runways , all on sand. The persons’ access is allowed on ‘the beach runway’ only in the interval between the flights to and from Glasgow.

Although it is the only airport in the world, whose schedule of flights is changed because of the water flow, the tourists choose to use this airport especially because of the curiosity to experience the landing on sand.
Ice Runway Airport, Antarctica

Ice Runway Airport is the name of the airport/runway that serves the McMurdo station in Antarctica. The runway is used so as to transport the researchers and their supplies at the McMurdo station, the ice runway’s dangers increasing at the same time with the worsening of the weather conditions.


Gustaf  III Public Airport or Saint Barthelemy, located in the Saint Jean village in the Caribbean island of Saint Barthlemy offers the pilots and passengers great thrills considering that the runway is very narrow and the planes are forced to descend very close to the streets and houses from the adjacent mountain area.

Aeroportul Qamdo Bamda, Tibet
Qamdo Bamda, also known as Changdu Bangda, is placed at 4.334 metres towards the sea level, being one of the highest airports in the world. At the same time, the airport has one of the longest runways in the world: 5.500 metres, the landing and take off being a real challenge for the pilots that come or leave this airport.


Juancho Yrausquin Airport , the only airport from the Caribbean island belonging to the Netherlands Antilles with the shortest runway in the world ( 400 metres length) is placed on a rocky outcrop at the foot of the mountains.


Daocheng Yading Airport, from Daocheng county, is located at the highest altitude in the world, in Garzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, at 4.411 metres above sea level.

For the moment, the flights from the new airport take place only between Chengdu and Daocheng, following that in the near future will open new routes to bigger towns from China, including Shanghai metropolis.


Larnaca International Airport (LCA)is the biggest airport from Cipru, being located at a 5 km distance from Larnaca. The Airport presently serves approximately 30 international and charter airlines. From the airport to the city center there are about 15 minutes by taxi or by bus with the city airport line.


Toncontin Airport, Honduras is known worldwide as one of the most dangerous airports, because of the extremely dangerous landing. The pilots’ maneuvers are hampered due to the runway’s positioning in a less accessible area, the airport being surrounded by a mountainous relief, always traversed by strong gusts of wind.

The biggest aircrafts that landed on this runway are : DC-8 airliner and si C – 17 Globemaster III.


Being initially considered the most dangerous place in the world, Kai Tak Airport from Hong Kong was closed 15 years ago. The landing at Kai Tak Aiport required a special training, the pilots having to perform a very dangerous manual bank known as “Hong Kong Bank”. The particularly abrupt descent over the high blocks was a real challenge for the pilots who performed landings and take offs in this area.

Kai Tak was the main airport of Hong Kong until 1998, when suffered 12 air disasters, about 270 of passengers having lost their lives during that time.


Congonhas or Sao Paulo Airport is an airport that serves one of the biggest towns from Brazil.

The airport is placed at only 8 kilometers from the city center, a thing that makes the landing or take off a real challenge for the traffic controllers and pilots, who must perform with a high precision the landing/take off maneuvers.


Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport located on Saba Island from Caraibe, is known as having one of the shortest runways in the world, with a length of only 500 m. For this reason, not only the small aircrafts avoid this airport, but also aircrafts like Cessna, because of the difficulty to perform the landing/take off maneuvers, especially when the weather conditions are unfavorable.


Chubu Centrair  International Airport is an airport located on an artificial island , in Isle Golf from Japan, the airport being vulnerable in front of the earthquakes or tornados that take place here frequently.


Princess Juliana International Aiport is an airport located on Saint Martin Island. The airport, famous for its very short runway, of only 2180 metres, is destined for small and medium sized aircrafts, being the second largest airport from Caribbean. The airport, that was initially a military aerodrome, and then changed into a civil one, makes part of the airports with the most dangerous runways in the world, the planes that land and take off from this place passing over at a very small distance from the beaches with tourists.


Aeroportul Courchevel, France is located in a ski area in The French Alps, at the border with Italy. The airport is famous for its very short runway, with a length of only 545 metres and an inclined ascent of 18,5%, reason why many consider it one of the airports with the highest degree of danger in the world.

Only the private jets, helicopters and charters are allowed to stop on Courchevel, the pilots being required to have a serious training before receiving the approval to land here.