On the 27th of January, 1938, Carol the second decided the foundation “of an airport in Craiova, that would also serve as a military airport in case of war”. Starting with that year, Craiova Airport has functioned on the actual emplacement .The take off and landing were made during that time on a ground track with the dimensions 1000 x 200 m. Between 1938 and 1956 the passenger services were almost non-existent, lacking the comfort that the passengers enjoy today. Between 1950 and 1952 was built a concrete runway with the dimensions 2000 x 60 m and were made the first endowments with approach and landing means consisting of 2 NDBs.

On the 6th of May 1957 was opened the first airline, Craiova – Bucharest, using Russian planes type LI-2.
In 1959 was made the building where there is today the airport’s control tower and the dispatching; the planes type AN-2 started to be used until 1962, when they were replaced by the modern planes for those years, type IL-14. This type of aircraft served the flight Craiova – Bucharest until 1972.

Also in the period 1959 – 1972, the runway was extended to the dimensions 2500 x 60 m and it was built a taxiway of 380 x 14 m and a boarding debarkation apron of 75 x 110 m, both being of concrete.
Between 1972 and 1989, the route Craiova – Bucharest was served by aircrafts type AN – 24 and IL – 18, was built the technical body, the passengers’ waiting room, the emission center and the protocol lounge of the airport.

The 1989 revolution and the transition to the market economy in Romania, led to the decrease of the number of flights of TAROM company, that meant the ceasing of the number of domestic flights starting with 1994.
Since 1995, Craiova Airport was opened to the domestic and international traffic, serving only charter flights.
Starting with the 29th of March 2007, Carpatair company’s flights on Craiova Timisoara route were officially launched to the 15 destinations in Italy, Greece and Germany. The whole developing region in the south western part of Romania will have available the fastest and most comfortable transport means to other destinations in Europe.