Description and objectives

Craiova International Airport serves both passengers’ traffic and  aircrafts’ movements in  the South-Western part of  Romania.  Craiova International Airport disposes of modern infrastructure, its main concerns being the continuous growth of the quality of the services provided, the conditions ensured for the arrival, departure and  ground handling of the aircrafts in national and/or international traffic, the provision of the airport services for the transit of persons, cargo and mail, as well as services of national public interest, this way protecting the natural resources of the environment.

Situated at a 7 km distance from the centre of Craiova, along Craiova-Bucharest route, the airport serves the whole region of Oltenia, being the nearest air gate for the 5 counties: Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinti, Olt and Valcea

Currently, at Craiova International Airport, Wizzair airline has routes to the following destinations:  Craiova – Milan, Rome, Bologna, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Koln. Starting with 2016, Ryanair airline has regular flights to Valencia.

So, the whole region in the South-Western part of Romania has at its disposal the fastest and most comfortable means of transport to different destinations in Europe, being currently able to serve a flow of 600 hundred travellers/hour and also the only one that serves the 2,3 million inhabitants of Oltenia.

The main interest of Craiova Airport is the constant increase of the undertaken services’ quality and the conditions offered at  departures, arrivals and during the ground handling operation or the parking of the aircrafts,  that perform domestic and international flights.

At the same time, it offers airport services for the transit of persons, cargo as well as for postal services and those that aim at protecting the natural resources of the environment.

It is offered a special attention to the provision of  the highest level of safety and security, according to the international standards.  The airport’s policy aims at offering  a permanent  improvement of the airport  systems and equipments and on the basis of a logistic complementarity,  we aim at connecting with other transport systems (car, railway) thus offering an interregional and traffic communication, as fluent as possible. The increasing number of tourists who prefer the air travel to all other transport means represents a part of the potential clients for the flights to/from Craiova. However, at the moment, the most important customer segmentation is represented by the businessmen, that the authorities take into account  when speaking about  the airport’s future development.  Here we can either refer to  the people who  work in the national or multinational companies in the area, or to the business tourism’s practitioners.

Airport Achievements

Until present, following an 8 million euro investment, the airport was endowed with separate terminals for arrivals and departures, internationally standardized security equipment, comfortable waiting rooms, green areas and parking places as well as areas destined to the installation of the economic traders.

A P.S.I. shed was built, endowed with a 225 cubic meters water tank and a fire ring for the embarkation/disembarkation platform, an investment of approximately 900.000 euro.

It was built a shed, at European standards, on a surface of 800 m, that houses a SMURD helicopter, used for rescue missions in the whole region of Oltenia.

It was also carried out the project ’’The Rehabilitation of Craiova Airport’s Infrastructure’’ financed from nonrefundable European funds, by means of the Sectoral Operational Program – Transport 2007-2013, Priority Axis II, Kea Area of Intervention  2.4 -Modernization and the development of the Air Transport Infrastructure, with a value over 14 million euro. The project comprised:

  • Rehabilitation works of the take-off and landing runway
  • Rehabilitation and expansion works of B taxiway at the dimensions and characteristics, necessary to the operation of the aircrafts with the code letter C  ;
  • Rehabilitation and expansion works at the embarkation-disembarkation platform ;
  • Related works: the construction of a new sewer network and drainages afferent to the new movement areas and the modernization of the lighting system for operating at II category on 27 direction and category I on 09 direction, including the operating platform’s lighting
  • Services

The airport services offered at Craiova Airport include:

  • The embarkation/disembarkation of  passengers and luggage, Craiova Airport having the capacity to offer a handling assistance for 600 passengers/hour, disposing of all necessary facilities
  • The equipments for the handling assistance: self-propelled Stairs, deicing equipments, ground power units, emptying device, potable water supply unit aircraft truck, 2 buses for passengers, ambulift, aircraft conditioner, aircraft engines and wheels conditioner, storage tapes, luggage electrocar, luggage  trolleys, aircraft  towing equipment,( pushback-towbarless), 3 minibuses for the transport of luggage/passengers ambulance;
  • Craiova Airport is certified for de-icing/anti-icing operations, being endowed with 2 car trucks fluid type I-II,
  • The airport is endowed with 2 water and fumogen trucks for firefighting services CAT 7;
  • Craiova Airport provides medical, handling, transport services from and to the town, hotel reservation, contacts with the operators in the area, medical  insurance services


Airport  Technique 


Craiova Airport disposes of:

  • the runway with the dimension of: 2500 x 45 m, PCN 46 F/C/W/T
  • the taxiway with the dimension of: 380m X 25m, PCN 46 F/C/W/T
  • the embarkation/disembarkation platform with the surface of 24.000 m ², 8 parking places for aircrafts, C type , PCN 52 R/D/W/T

As air navigation means, we mention:

  • ILS Cat I, D/VOR DME ;
  • Approach lighting system, on 27 direction, category II-III 900m, and on 09direction, imprecision- 420 m.


Airport Security

At Craiova Airport, the security system is according to ICAO rules, being available 6 X-Ray devices (RAPISCAN) with  the possibility of processing a number of 600 passengers/hour, having 2 separate flows of passengers and luggage for departures and arrivals.