Airport Charges

The airport charges are applied without discrimination to all the users of Craiova Airport



The name of the charge Unit Value price without VAT-Euro
1 Landing charge Ton 3
2 Lighting charge Ton 1,50
3 Parking charge Ton/hour/procedure 0,05
4 Passenger Services Charge Embarked passenger 2,50
5 Airport Security Charge Embarked passenger 3


In order to encourage the operating frequency of the air operator, discounts are offered at the landing price, according to the following scheme:

Nr.Crt. Number of landings per month Discount ( %)
1 9-10 5
2 11-12 10
3 13-14 15
4 15-16 20
5 17-18 25
6 19-20 30
7 21 -22 35
8 23-24 40
9 25-26 45
10 >27 50


Exemptions in the application of the airport charges:

  1. the Romanian military aircrafts;
  2. the foreign military aircrafts for which there are bilateral agreements in this regard, concluded according to the legal provisions in force, at the request of the National Ministry of Defense
  3. aircrafts that perform flights exclusively for the transport in official mission, the flight of the reigning monarchs and of their close members, of the Heads of State, Government and Ministers. In all these situations, the official missions will be confirmed by means of the appropriate regulations indicator on the flight plan
  4. the aircrafts that carry out flights in the benefit of the United Nations Organization, Red Cross and Red Crescent;
  5. the civil aircrafts that perform search and rescue missions or that transport personnel and materials within these missions
  6. the aircrafts that perform humanitarian missions and emergency aids
  7. the aircrafts that are forced to land because of technical causes, adverse weather conditions or force majeure situations;
  8. aircrafts that land from the disposition of the Ministry of Transport and/or The Ministry of National Defense
  9. other categories of aircrafts foreseen by the law