Book Donations

Aeroportul International Craiova ii multumeste elevei Istodor Maria Alexandra, eleva in clasa a VI-a  la Colegiul National Fratii Buzesti  si doamnei Popescu Silvia, profesoara la Colegiul National Elena Cuza pentru donatiile de carti facute bibliotecii aeroportului.

Aeroportul International Craiova ii multumeste domnului Ion Munteanu, doctor în filosofie si membru al Uniunii Scriitorilor din România pentru donatia facuta bibliotecii aeroportului care consta intr-un numar de 10 carti scrise de domnia sa.


Craiova International Airport  is  highly honored  to thank  Mrs  Dobrica Roxana, the writer  of the books  Ariana and Revenge,  for her remarkable  gesture of donating the airport’s library the books she wrote along her career, both in Romanian and Italian.

Craiova Airport appreciates Mrs Roxana Dobrica’s   gesture of  enriching this way,  the lecture series from it’s library precinct.

Craiova International Airport’s staff  would like to  thank Mrs  Dana  Brajou  for her kind  gesture of donating books to the airport’s library.

Craiova Airport would like to thank and express its  gratitude to Mr.  Daniel Notulescu, the writer of the detective story  “The vicious circle“ for the donation that he made for the readers  that pass through  Craiova Airport.

We would like to offer him our sincere  and honest thanks  and are looking forward to get  enchanted   by his future novels.


Craiova International Airport would like to thank Mrs  Tatu Cristina for the book donation  that she made to the airport’s library, a donation that consists of  fifty books from the Romanian and universal literature,  all  books being  translated into Romanian.

„Reading uplifts you on the  realm of knowledge, it carries you in a dream world,  it indulges your senses.