At Craiova Airport books help you “fly” to far-off destinations even before the air travel

biblioteca-aeroport-craiova2Craiova International Airport is after Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Luchthaven Schiphol) the only airport in the world that hosts in its precinct, in the Departures Terminal, a library with a number of approximately 1000 books for the enjoyment of the passengers that transit the airport.

Either to relax before the plane travel or just to fill their time while waiting for the flights, Craiova Airport’s passengers have the privilege of enjoying a small library with classical readings that could dismiss their fears, boredom or nervousness.

If you are afraid that the hours spent at the airport will pass very slowly for you, we assure you that at Craiova Airport you will be welcomed by a series of lectures that will remove the monotony and time «will fly» very quickly and in a very pleasant way.