Wizz Air reopens the base on Craiova Airport


The Wizz Air Airbus A320  that has 180 seats,  exclusively destined to Banie Area, will arrive tonight to Craiova Airport from Toulouse. The announcement was made during a press conference marking the opening of the 5th operational Wizz Air base in Romania, a base which will be officially opened tomorrow. The event was attended by local, county authorities, the airport’s management and some of the new members of Wizz Air ‘s team, that is established in Banie Area. At the conference was also present Mr. Daniel de Carvalho, Corporate Communications Wizz Air, who declared that this opening represents an extremely important stage and it shows the airline’s commitment of offering the Romanian consumers and visitors accessible charges. More than that, on 23rd , 24th and 25th of July will be launched 4 new routes to Bologna, Roma Ciampino, Dortmund and Barcelona.The ticket’s price for these new routes varies between 69 RON (Craiova – Dortmund) and 129 RON (Craiova – Barcelona). With the introduction of these new flights, Craiova Airport will be opened 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wizz Air not only comes with new flights from Craiova but it also increases the frequency of the services that already exist to London Luton and Milan Bergamo. Wizz Air now offers from the new base in Romania six routes to four different countries. The company’s expansion in Romania can stimulate the local market of the labour in aviation and in the tourism sector, more tourists having now the possibility to travel to Dolj County, benefiting from its accessible services.


To Days Release date Charges from
Bologna Wed,Sun July 23 RON 99
Roma Ciampino Wed, Sun July 23 RON 109
Dortmund Tues,Thurs,Sat July 24 RON 69
Barcelona Mon,Fri July 25 RON 129


To Weekly Flights
London Luton From 2 to 3
Milano Bergamo From 2 to 4

Daniel de Carvalho, Wizz Air Corporate Communications declared: “The opening of the 5th base in Romania and the 18th one at global level really represents a very good news. This opening represents an extremely important stage for the company’s presence in Dolj County and it shows our commitment to offer the Romanian consumers and visitors both accessible charges from only 69 RON, and a great travel experience. Our new Airbus A320 will start the commercial operation from tomorrow and will increase the travel opportunities on the Romanian market. We are looking forward to seeing many satisfied passengers and a fruitful partnership with Craiova Airport”.
The Dolj County Council’s President Ion Prioteasa, declared: “The inauguration of Wizz Air base represents an extremely important moment for Craiova Airport , for the Dolj County Council and for all the persons who live in the south west of Romania. For the airport, the opening of this operating point means new work places, the multiplication of the services offered to the passengers, and also the recognition of its European statute, that has been shaped strongly lately. For Dolj County Council, the event from today confirms the investment approach that we originally made at the airport five years ago, concluding that it was right and directed not only to the community from our county but to the whole region. We remain devoted to the motto “Dolj County invests in the airport” because now we can strongly state with all our force that “Oltenia catches wings to Europe”.

In his turn, Craiova Airport’s manager, Mr  Mircea Dumitru, specified that the opening of the operating base, “marks a new chapter in the development of this objective and fructifies the notable investments that Dolj County Council has made, with great financial efforts, in the last years“. „In the completion of this approach, we are implementing a project, financed by community funds by means of which the whole surface of the runway will be rebuilt. At the same time, the lighting system will be modernized, the taxiway will be rehabilitated and extended as well as the boarding debarkation apron. We are aiming this way not only the increase of the safety degree in exploitation but also the operating capacity, a fact more than necessary, taking into account the statistics that show a very significant jump of the number of passengers”. stated Mr Mircea Dumitru


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