Passengers Information

The travel with children 

Do you travel together with very young children?
Craiova International Airport places at your disposal rooms Mother and Child.
This service is free of charge.
The rooms can be used for changing diapers and breastfeeding the babies after performing the security control.


Medical services

Emergency medical care
Specialized health professionals respond promptly to any emergency call (general medicine).
In case of emergency, you have to address the airport staff.



In the passengers’ terminals, smoking is allowed only in the special designated and engraved areas.
We kindly ask you to respect the indicators’ significance, otherwise the offenders will  be enforced by the law.


Passengers with reduced mobility

Passengers with reduced mobility benefit from a special attention because of the services and facilities that there are offered to them.
The category of the passengers with reduced mobility includes any person whose mobility is affected because of a disability: (sensorial and locomotor) a physical disability, the age, an illness or other cause (persons who use a wheelchair, persons with visual deficiency, a person that that is very old,  tall or overweight)


Before the travel

As regards the air travel, in order to benefit from services destined to the passengers with reduced mobility, please request special assistance when booking the ticket.


Public parking places

The public parking places of the airport have special places destined to the persons with reduced mobility.

The access from the parking place to the Departures Terminal is facilitated by an access ramp

The agent responsible for boarding will be warned in advance about the type of necessary assistance and you will be assisted by a qualified person.