Passengers rights

The refusal of the Boarding
You have the right to request compensations in value of 125 EUR to 600 EUR, depending on the flight distance and the delay produced following the redirected flight.

The prolonged Delays
In case the delay exceeds 5 hours, you have the right to request the reimbursement of the ticket’s cost but only if you give up the travel.

The Annulment
you have the right to receive compensations, except for the following situations: you were informed as regards the flight’s annulment 14 days before, or the schedule of the redirected flight is very close to the initial one or the air transport company can prove that the flight’s annulment was determined due to special reasons.

Assistance Provided by the Air transport Companies

Depending on the circumstances, in case your embarkation is refused or if the flight with whom you travel is canceled or is late you have the right to receive assistance (the provision of the meal, the communication means, the accommodation over night, in case it is necessary). In case your boarding is refused or if the flight is annulled, you can choose between continuing your travel or get your ticket’s refund.

Passengers with Reduced Mobility
The passengers with reduced mobility and the disabled persons are protected against discrimination and starting from the 26th July 2008, they can benefit from an appropriate assistance offered in every airport from EU.

Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility

The Identity of the Air Transport Companies

You must know in good time the identity of the flight’s operator with whom you travel. The air transport companies that don’t provide sure flight conditions are forbidden or are subjected to some restrictions on the territory of the European Union. These companies are presented at

The air transport companies are liable for the damages produced following the flights (up to ± 4.800 EUR), for the damages and loss of the luggage (up to ± 1.200 EUR) as well as for the injuries or the death produced following the accidents.
They don’t bear this responsibility in case they took all possible measures to avoid the damages produced or if they found it impossible to take such measures.

The Holiday Packages
The holiday packages operators have the obligation to offer accurate information as regards the booked holiday tickets, to respect the contractual obligations and to provide the protection of the passengers in the case of the organizer’s insolvency.
In case you need more information, please call at the free number from every point of UE territory during the work schedule. (09:00 – 18:30 CET in the working hours).


  • Some mobile telephony operators don’t allow the access to the numbers with the prefix 00 800 or they charge these conversations.
    In some cases, these conversations can be charged if they are made from a public box or from the hotel.
  • For calls outside UE (there are applied normal charges): (32-2) 299 96 96

From – The Regulation (CE) no. 261/2004 of the Europe’s Parliament and Council (extract from the Official Journal of the European Union) . For more information – free number – 00.800.67891011.
The low cost airlines are companies that generally offer tickets at low prices by eliminating some traditional services offered to the passengers. The airlines of this type are subjected to the same regulation CE no. 261/2004 of Europe’s Parliament and Council, as concerns the passengers’ rights.
Both for the traditional airlines and the low cost ones, the ticket represents the transport contract’s evidence between the air carrier/ airline and passenger, whose name is written on the ticket.

In order to be informed about the obligations that they have during the journey, passengers can directly access the web page of the airline or can obtain pieces of information from its representatives.

The airports are not responsible for the changes that occur in the airlines’ flight schedules and the airlines assume full responsibility that derives from these changes.