Do you want to visit the airport?


The participation in the airport’s Sightseeing Tour can be done by organized groups, all the visitors being obliged to respect the mentioned conditions below. If the visitor doesn’t respect one of these conditions he can call forth the airport’s unilateral refusal for the visit. At the same time, Craiova International Airport reserves the right to cancel the scheduled visit for safety and security reasons.


The visit will take place only if the request is accepted by the management of Craiova International Airport. The accept of the request will be communicated in good time to its signatory by an airport’s representative, by phone/ fax or in electronic format.

The application to participate in the “Airport Sightseeing Tour” program must be sent at least 7 days before the desired date.



For the participation it is mandatory to fill in and submit an application according to the enclosed model, to the email address: [email protected]  or to the fax no. 0251/411112.

The adults accompanying minors will send o copy of the identity card or passport together with the contact dates.

Upon arrival at the airport, the organized group will submit to the access point and will communicate the identification data to the airport representatives.

 IT IS MANDATORY to submit a valid original ID (or passport). Airport representatives will check the necessary documents for admission.

The minors under the age of 14 can participate in the program, only if accompanied by an adult.

Access permits will be issued to adults based on the identity documents.

Throughout the sightseeing, visitors will be accompanied by an authorized representative of Craiova International Airport.

Adults accompanying groups of preschoolers, pupils, are responsible for complying with safety/security measures during the visit inside the airport perimeter by all group members.



The participants are required to respect the advice of the airport security personnel and undergo airport security rules and controls.

If on the apron take place aircraft movements or if there are vehicles in motion during the sightseeing, the group will remain in a delimited area, having the possibility to watch the taking off/landing on Craiova International Airport at that time.

Aircraft interior can be visited only with the consent of the aircraft commander.

Visitors will not exceed the surfaces where it is allowed the access and will respect all the indications referring to the safety and security measures that the airport’s representative will communicate.

It is prohibited the photography/ filming in the related areas of the access points and in the security control areas.

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