Questions we all have before the air travel

We all confront with some questions the moment we prepare for the air travel : do I need to take my pager, my favorite perfume, the MP3 Player, wherewith I can enjoy during the travel, is it necessary to have a pain killer or to wear the safety belt all through the flight?

We all have different concerns regarding the conditions we must respect during the flight and look for some answers that we either find very hard, or sometimes not at all.

For this reason, we decided to answer you bellow at some of these questions and we start by presenting a list with the things that are allowed and the things which aren’t allowed in the passengers’ luggage.

First of all, during the flight, (except the ladies’ and young ladies’ purse or the bag for the laptop) passengers are allowed to have only one free hand luggage with the dimensions: 42 cm height, 32 cm width and 25 cm thickness and it is necessary that this has enough space under the seat before you; in case the hand luggage is bigger than a small luggage but doesn’t exceed the mentioned dimensions, it can be held at the board of the aircraft for a fee, being necessary to have enough space in the upper compartment; the hand luggage must have the dimensions: 56 cm height, 45 cm width, 25 cm thickness, at the hold luggage not being any restrictions related to size and this is allowed to exceed the dimensions: 56cm x 45cm x 25cm but it is necessary to have a maximum weight of 32 kilos .

The only free hand luggage at Wizz Air is the schoolbag or the laptop bag that must have space under the front sear, having the maximum dimensions of 42x32x25cm.

Besides the hand luggage one can take in the plane a coat or a blanket, a magazine, crutches for the persons that need help and cannot move by themselves and in case there is a little child on board, one can bring food for him, a folding chair or a little cradle.

As concerns the objects that are allowed to be transported during the flight (for the passengers that travel with Wizz Air Company) one can mention: money, jewelry, precious metals, laptop, personal electronic objects, important documents, acts, passports, or other identity cards, photo camera – (only if it is placed in the rucksack or trolley), a hair plate, hair dryer, MP3 Player, Kindle, electric brush, foundation cream, (if it is fluid , only if it has maximum 100 ml, in case it is compact(powder) there is no restriction), recipients of maximum 100 ml, that must be kept in a closed and transparent bag (sealed) that is taken out of the luggage at the security control. It must be taken into consideration that all the containers (maximum 10) must have together at most 1 liter: perfume, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, balm,/ hair mask, sunscreen cream, nail polish, acetone, a sandwich, croissant, biscuits, fruit, razor (without removable blade), nail file (if it is made of cartoon -disposable – or of plastic and without sharp bottoms) umbrella – only if it can be accumulated, cigarettes (at most a cartridge) a handbag, a shoulder bag, purse – must be held in the rucksack /trolley, cigarette lighter/ match, medicines – they must be attended by recipe, objects (bowl, pan, souvenirs) cane/crooks – in the plane, but they must be held separately from the luggage in case the passengers can’t get about without aid.

Passengers are forbidden to transport the following items when travelling by plane:

firearms, ammunition and explosives, hunting guns, guns destined for practicing some sports, any objects or substances that have the aspect of firearms, ammunition, explosives, flammable substances, radioactive substances, condensed gas, infectious, poisonous or corrosive substances, briefcases and cassettes for the transport of objects with incorporated alarm devices with lithium batteries or pyrotechnics, objects that may endanger the passengers’ lives, any forbidden material according to the rules and regulations of any affected country by this transport, the remains of human body, any objects specified in the technical instructions for the safe transport of the dangerous goods by air, issued by the Organization of the International Civil Aviation (ICAO) and by the regulations as concerns the dangerous goods issued by the International Association of Air Transport (IATA).

Wizz Air doesn’t transport pets. ( Registered dogs that accompany blind or deaf persons can be transported only on the European continental routes, these cannot be transported on the routes to or from Great Britain).

Wizz Air offers assistance to blind, deaf or mentally disabled persons. Pregnant women are allowed to travel until and including the 34 week of pregnancy. After this interval, they are not allowed to travel by plane anymore. As concerns the children’s air travel, these are allowed to travel only in case they are accompanied by an adult or if they have the minimum age of 14 years.

During the air travel , the passengers are required to follow some rules that are related to the safe operation of the aircraft :

Passengers must remain silent during the flight, both not to disturb the work of the crew members and respect their travel colleagues who may find it necessary to have a relaxing atmosphere throughout the flight.

It is necessary that the passengers keep their luggage in the compartment above (heatrick) .These compartments should always remain closed in order to prevent accidents caused by the fall of the luggage during a turbulence or a forced landing.

The flight attendants as well as the passengers must pay a maximum attention to the nicotine addicts who could secretly smoke in the toilet. Although on board of the aircraft can be found approximately 10 extinguishers, by throwing incompletely extinguished cigarette butts one can cause a fire on board, that would endanger the flight safety.

During the flight may occur or get worse some health problems of the passengers, which can be due to a series of causes: induced atmospheric pressure, low temperature, recycled air conditioning. For this reason, passengers are advised either to permanently keep with them the necessary medicines or (there are medicines on board but they may not be suitable for all the passengers’ diseases) to postpone the flight in case the poor health condition hinders them to face such journey.

As concerns the bad condition caused by an out of control fear, (aerophoby) it is indicated that the people affected by this impending bad condition have enough rest before boarding and eat something light in order to avoid the fatigue, nausea, headaches or dizziness symptoms.

Among the diseases that you can be confronted with during the flight, we can mention: thrombosis – (swelling of the feet caused by poor circulation of the blood) – that can occur during the flight for not moving for a long time, epileptic attacks, asthma attacks, faintings or even allergies caused by the snacks served during the flight. Despite the fact that at the big companies there is always an epifen with adrenaline in the emergency kit that is given to passengers in case of severe allergic reactions, sometimes one can reach very strong reactions to certain types of food, so that it is indicated to know in advance if you suffer any kind of allergies and must refrain from some types of food. In case of air gaps, passengers are usually prevented that they are about to encounter such situations, however, in certain exceptional causes, the staff doesn’t have time to inform them, being thus preferred that one always wears its seatbelt so as to avoid being hurt following such incidents.
In order to prevent airsickness, especially if there have been antecedents before, there isn’t advisable to drink coffee or alcohol before the travel so that one can diminish the chances of getting sick. Instead, it is good to consume water both before and after you are on board.

If one is confronted with a major anxiety, it is advisable to take a anxiolitic a few minutes before departure because the medicine causes drowsiness and may temporarily soothe the suffering people. At the same time, it is advisable to take a Emetostop/ Emetiral, for the ones who need to prevent nausea.

In case one confronts with plugged ears, it is advisable to chew gum, drink water, or take a decongestant, that releases the respiratory ways.
An appropriate clothing can help increase your own comfort so that in such a journey one should choose an outfit and a pair of shoes as comfortable as possible.

One of the most important rules that you have to follow in order to feel relaxed during the flight is to enjoy a good book or music, have a positive attitude and try releasing from the negative thoughts and prejudices about the likelihood of dying in a plane crash.

Although the statistics show that the chances of losing your life during a flight are 1 in 8 million, it is advisable that the passengers are well trained as regards the safety conditions that must be respected during the flight and that they take themselves some minimum precautionary measures to prevent the occurrence of some incidents during the air travel.