Precizari AIC

Dear passengers,

Given your messages and comments, we would like to make the following clarifications:

* The airport is operational

* In accordance with Government Decision no. 394/18 May 2020 regarding the alert status and the Decision of the National Institute of Public Health (INSP), the flights to:
Italy, Spain, England, France, Belgium will resume when in that country there will be a maximum of 5 cases / 1 million inhabitants in the last 14 days

* In this sense, every Monday, the authorities will update the green list, according to which the flights to certain destinations can be resumed.

* The airport does not sell tickets, provides passenger services, but boarding is done by RAS checkin, and the airport is not responsible for this

* The airline operators will cancel / update the status of the weekly plane tickets, because the airlines are also waiting for the INSP Romania decision.
For these reasons, many of the passengers have active tickets after June 22, even if the destination is in a country apparently with suspended flights according to Decision 394/18 May 2020.

Thank you for understanding!
AIC management